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Friday, 28 June 2019
How to measure your cylinder lock

Euro cylinders are used in the vast majority of double glazed doors, french doors and patio doors they are used to secure the door's multi point locking system.

Cylinder door locks are not difficult to replace if you have basic DIY skills, you only need two measurements.

Your cylinder locks should be as flush as possible with the handles, maximum projection is 5mm - if you current lock sticks out by more than 5mm either side of the hanldes then choose a smaller size.

Euro locks are the UK's most common type of door lock in use today, currently there are no required insurance standards, which in our opinion is crazy as the old cylinders or the new cheap versions are not anti snap, and do not have the TS007 ratings. In essence your front door can be opened in less than 20 seconds with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.

Euro cylinder locks are now measured by the TS007 1 star, 2 star or 3 star ratings, the old British Standard kite mark rating is no longer a real measure of true security in modern euro lock design in our opinion - but all of the anti snap euro locks we sell have the BS kite mark (it's such a basic level compared to the TS007 rating)

If you want to hit 3 star security then you can buy the ABS TS007 3 star cylinders or the 1 star Yale Superior cylinders with the Yale Platinum door handles. Yale have just released the AS Platinum 3 star euro cylinder, however they can't be keyed alike (same key works on several locks to make life simpler and your key ring much lighter) in our opinion they offer no key security (anyone can copy your keys without your knowledge) and they are 40% more expensive than the ABS 3 Star cylinders that have already proven themselves in the real world - and the ABS Euro locks have excellent key security via a special key code card supplied with the lock.

Currently the only TS007 3 star rated anti snap euro locks in the UK are made by Avocet ABS, Yale and Mul-T-Lock. We stock the full range of the ABS locks, Yale Platinum euro locks and we can supply the Mul-T-Lock 3 star euro cylinders on request as they are much more suited to commercial systems (and much more expensive than the ABS euro locks and Yale AS Platinum). The Avocet ABS euro locks are ideal for domestic users wanting a great lock at a good price with maximum key security.

All the TS007 1 star and 3 star anti snap euro locks are also available as thumb turn locks on the inside of the door - they can also be keyed alike so all of your new locks work on the same key.

PLEASE NOTE! The new ABS Avocet Anti Snap Euro Cylinders use the internal measurement first... If in doubt just call us before ordering and we will make sure you get the right lock!

Link to our Anti snap euro locks here

Author: Mat Jenkins

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