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'Post it note' robbery crew - warning

by Mat Jenkins from lockandkey.co.uk, 20 November 2013

The latest tactic we have just witnessed in local villages is 'pretend good people' walking up to the front doors and putting post it notes saying 'your lock is unsecure' or 'your lock is not safe'

They get the chance to look at your front door lock up close in broad daylight without raising any alarms, evaluate if it's an old euro lock that can be snapped in seconds - put a label on your door, wait 24 hours - the ones that still have the stickers on the door are clearly not home - so they just snap the locks, rob them and get away.

It's a classic wolf in sheeps clothing -  simple and effective. Fools everyone on your street as they are just 'trying to help' us stay safe.....

Keep it real - and stay one step ahead.

Author: Mat Jenkins from lockandkey.co.uk

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