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All new Yale Platinum TS007 3 star Anti Snap cylinder

Wednesday, 28 September 2016
All new Yale Platinum TS007 3 star Anti Snap cylinder

We have been working alongside Yale's cylinder development team for over a year on this product - and finally it's in the UK and available to buy!

The design follows a number of traits from the very successful Yale Superior TS007 1 star cylinder with a horizontal dimple + laser track key, however they have seriously re-designed the cam area to make it much stronger and attack resistant.

They can be keyed alike across any sizes of euro double and thumb turn version. One factor to bear in mind when installing this cylinder is to remove the handles and fit from the 'outside in' as there is a 'kick deflector' which prevents the lock from passing right through the lock case.

If compares well to the other TS007 3 star products IE The ABS from Avocet, the Integrator from Mul T Lock and the Ultion from Brisant.

The main feature followed by Yale, Avocet and Mul T Lock is they are BSi Kite Marked and use a code card system, unlike the Ultion which doesn't have a BSi kitemark or a card - they have the codes engraved on the keys which may not appeal to everyone.

Price point it's slightly more than ABS and Mul T Lock but cheaper than the Ultion.

We are sure this will be a success for Yale as their brand carries a lot of good will with the general public.

The euro double cylinders are listed here > New Yale Platinum TS007 3 star euro double cylinder

The thumb turn versions are listed here > New Yale Platinum TS007 3 star thumb turn euro cylinder

For extra keys you can order them here > Yale Platinum Key Cutting

Author: Jenkins Mat


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Denis Smithers:
Can you tell me where I can buy here and how much they are, can't see any online?
2 Years 10 Months 26 Days 1 Hour 12 Mins 38 Secs ago
For key security, is the Mul-T-Lock Integrator the best choice? It seems to be the only one with patented key control. Whereas the Yale and ABS look like their keys can be cut with or without their card.
2 Years 6 Months 25 Days 9 Hours 23 Mins 37 Secs ago
John V:
Just tried to fit one of these locks. They have couple of protrusions beside the cam which prevents the cylinder being fitted into a standard lock. Can't figure out how to fit the lock!
2 Years 2 Months 14 Days 23 Hours 40 Mins 37 Secs ago
snap, i too cannot work out how to fit it. i really do not want to use an angle grinder to get rid of them!
2 Years 2 Months 2 Days 16 Hours 17 Mins 40 Secs ago
There's a trick to installing them. They have dimples about half way down on the outside. This means that you have to insert the barrel from the outside of the door. They have a thumb turn, this can be removed with the use of a tiny allen key on the grub
screw with attaches the thumb piece to the main body of the barrel. You will need to do this when inserting the barrel from the external side for installation.
2 Years 1 Month 14 Days 21 Hours 41 Mins 47 Secs ago
Agree with Bob about key security :
I agree with Bob that Mul-T-Lock's Integrator cylinder is the better choice for key security (or one of Evva's range of 3-star cylinders). These are patent protected vs. illicit key copying. Whereas Yale and Avocet have no protection against illicit key
2 Years 12 Days 12 Hours 32 Mins 4 Secs ago
I’ve bought one of these but I can’t fit it in the door, the two “nibs” won’t pass through the door metal profile cut-out. Am I missing something here?
8 Months 29 Days 14 Hours 6 Mins 4 Secs ago
hi all, i fitted one of these locks on my mams front door you have to remove the door handle (unscrew both sides with a cross head screwdriver), then you take the old lock out (usual procedure). Now you can fit the Yale lock (remember to put the EXT on
the outside). screw the new lock in, then screw the door handles back on. there is no need to adjust/modify the door or lock
6 Months 23 Days 14 Hours 44 Mins 34 Secs ago

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