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Security Key Cutting - the facts

by Mat, 11 August 2015

We get a lot of customers telling us they have been told their key is a 'special security key' that requires an expensive magician to make more copies and quote £25 + per key with a 2-4 week lead time....

The truth: Is most domestic locks do not use 'security keys' they just use the modern coded locks that make it easy to order new keys online without leaving your house or office. Many key cutting companies on the High Street will baffle you with jargon to justify incredible prices for keys that are now widely used and not expensive to order if you know where to go!

The cause: The machines required to cut security keys or coded keys are approx £20k+ each and you need to buy the software and licences to use them - you also need a lot of experience as there are over 1.5 million different types of key systems currently in use in the UK.

Don't be baffled by shop talk jargon – simply take to Google and search the information you have and do a little research before handing over your hard-earned cash.

We can supply true security keys that cannot be cut without signed letters of authority - They are for typically used by commercial landlords or Government users wanting a secure master keyed system, and they do pay £10>£35 per key as they have personally managed master key systems that only we can supply.

True security keys are 'Patent Protected' and will have this embossed on the key itself, with the words 'Do Not Duplicate' - they need both to be true! Do Not Duplicate' on its own means nothing....

So, the next time you need some spare keys cutting - don't take the first High Street quote assuming they know everything, go home and do a quick google search - see if you can save some serious money & get them quickly delivered in a secure manner.

Maybe your 'security key' can be ordered here for a fraction of the price quoted by your local friendly High Street key cutter or Locksmith > Security key cutting

If you need help feel free to email a photo of your key & any additional info to help us to: [email protected]

Author: Mat

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