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Anti bump euro cylinder locks

Anti bump euro cylinder locks

by Mat Jenkins from Lockandkey, 17 December 2013

We have had a number of calls over the last few days about 'anti bump euro cylinders' asking if the anti snap euro locks are also anti bump?

Just to clarify the history the euro cylinder lock designs available have been modified to cope with any easy way of breaching your security. 

IE The latest euro cylinder technology & design is anti snap defence - any anti snap or snap secure euro lock will already be anti bump, anti pick, anti drill etc

Customers are also concerned about British Standard locks with the 13 year old kite mark BS EN 1303:2005 which clearly ends '2005' meaning it was tested approx 12 years ago before euro lock bumping, euro lock snapping became a problem - thanks to Youtube!

The modern way of testing euro cylinder locks is with the TS007 star rating - this is the first stage in rating against a genuine attack - bumping, picking, snapping etc. It measures the time and effort it takes to compromise the euro lock - the Sold Secure rating is given when the attack includes using professional tools like euro lock snappers, and electric key bumping tools now easily available on Amazon and lots of websites who consider industrial tools to be 'just another CD or book off the shelf'

If a euro cylinder has attained a TS007 1 star rating - it has a snap defense for basic tools (mole grips and screwdriver)

If a euro cylinder has a TS007 3 star rating - it has anti snap defense with basic tools + bumping tools and severe attack with brute force.

If a euro lock has TS007 3 star rating with the Sold Secure Diamond - then it has been tested with all basic tools, brute force and the professional lock snapping tools available online. Sold Secure is the Police Commissioners federation and Master Locksmiths Association approval system - both parties have tested and approved the lock under all known methods.

If you need anything clarifying please feel free to all us - as master locksmiths we are happy to help explain the differences in what is available and for what cost.

For example you can pay £45+ for a 3 star anti snap lock, that has no 'Sold Secure' rating, it has no security protection of your keys being copied without your knowledge and has not been tested or approved with professional tools. Or you can pay £38 for a 3 Star rated Diamond standard Sold Secure euro cylinder with excellent key security.

Or you can pop down to B&Q and pay £45 for a 1 star euro lock..... that is probably the wrong size for your door! But the packet said 'MAXIMUM SECURITY' hmmmm but it's a 1 Star lock and it's £45 so poor value for you. (Packaging and marketing hype)

Apart from giving our balanced & professional advice we feel the major difference is we can build your locks on the same key to 'key alike your euro locks' so you only need one key to work all of your door locks, padlocks etc and also ship them with as many keys as you need - which gives you locks that work the way you want them to work, with the level of security you need and the number of keys you need from day one. If you should ever need more locks or keys made to your unique codes then we can supply it - 6 months or 6 years later.

Author: Mat Jenkins from Lockandkey

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